Tuesday, 13 December 2011

December Daily..

I ummed and aahed and thought I had way too much on my plate to attempt my first Dec daily but I saw so many awesome ones being put together out there I jumped in and decided to do it.... Here are the first pages.... (lots of pics here - sorry)....

It's not bound together yet - I'll do that at the end (it's going to be gi-normous!). I tried making the album ready to put the pics in but that doesn't work for me because I never know what pics I'm going to take/use per day so I'm making as I go....
I'm up to day 8 (completed) and have kind of partially done the next few pages but I will show those in a few days...... How are your Christmas preparations going? I just LOVE this time of year!


  1. OOO I LOVE how yours is coming along! The hand painted elements! That cover looks fantastic!! OOO on the border stitching! Wish I had included more of it- working at night means I have to be quiet though. The PHOTOS!!! LOVE those the most! How are going to bind it? I had a hard time because at first it was just going to be 1 loop but when the pages kept flipping out of the pile and loosing letter stickers which really got on my nerves. I now bond everything to the page with some of that solvent glue and I added a second loop and had to move a bunch of pages around so I didn't have to punch a hole though journaling or a photo.
    The benefit of Christmas is Australia? Bare feet photos! ;) The newscasters threatened NYC with snow this week but it's been mild and sunny all week. I can't believe I'm looking forward to snow but I actually love it as it's falling- it's slush 3 days later I don't like.

  2. wow Anita - this is just amazing - you've done such a good job - love how you've compiled it all together - can't wait to see more. Have fun with it. x

  3. Your album looks amazing Anita. A lovely idea.


  4. Nin, this is amazing.. am loving this!! Can't wait to see more..

    I Miss chatting with you... i think the world is trying to stop us talking so much :( Did your parcel come?? Please say it did, and isn't like mine.. 3 weeks late.. grrrrrr

    Hugs xxx