Sunday, 8 January 2012


Well HELLOOOO!! I have been without an internet connection for weeks now and boy oh boy have I missed stalking my fave blogs!! We had a lovely relaxing Christmas and New Years and hubby has gone back to work today so I'm ready to get organised and back to my scrapping (YAY!).....
I know Christmas is almost like a long ago memory but I did want to share the end of my December Daily since I haven't had the chance yet.... I really did have fun with this and will definately be doing it again next year! ...

That little book in the no.25 pocket has all of the Christmas day photos and journalling.

I love this pocket at the back - I put all of the kids special Christmas artwork; christmas cards the kids wrote Justen and I; their letter to santa on Christmas Eve etc

It turned out really chunky (which I really like!) I had a few questions about how I was going to bind it and this worked the best (and kind of happened by accident actually!).  I made 4 holes and was going to use rings but couldn't find any the right size so pulled out my seam binding and threaded it through each hole and instead of tying them all in 4 individual bows, just tyed one big knot! I really like how it looks! Ok well that is it for today but I have LOADS more to share over the next few days! See you all again soon and HAPPY 2012!

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  1. This is gorgeous Anita, such a special memento!!
    Love how the binding turned out ;0)