Sunday, 20 November 2011

my boy...

After lots of visitors last week and a whole weekend of painting and renovating my little fella's bedroom (I have been meaning to do this for AGES as it still looks like a nursery and he is almost 4!!!) - I took some time out last night for a glass of vino and a scrap... free and easy... no challenges ... just putting it together and seeing what happened... this is how it came out...

I have just realised that I haven't put a title on it it yet - woops! I will add some journalling too... lol!
Have a great week everyone!! xox


  1. This is a gorgeous Lo Anita.
    Love the cluster of flowers,pearls and the angel.

  2. Nin, Loving this Lo, and that very last picture of the gorgeous Mr O - Loving that Attitude.. giggle.. Gorgeous as always sweetie!!

  3. OH! LA! LA!
    SOoooo Love your background on this Layout......
    & the Cluster flowers & pearls look Awesome!!!
    Have a GR8 week Miss A!!!!

  4. Hey Hey and Hello Anita

    Im not sure if you are getting notifications from face book [I commented on your wall :)] but I did get your wonderful gift THANK YOU so sooooo much!

    Lou xoxo

    PS I must say I agree with what the ladies have said about your layout background!!! <3 :)

  5. Lovely work!!! LOL at adding the title and journalling later - I always seem to leave those til last too! :D