Thursday, 6 October 2011

Kraft It Up October...

Hi all!! Well I have had some fun today with modelling paste and the  Kraft It Up October Challenge... You could choose a few different 'styles' and I went with Monochromatic... OH WHY DID I DO THAT!!! I honestly STRUGGLE with mono layouts and this was NO different! I'm still not sure I like it but it's growing on me... I think!

Papers and buttons are the MME 'Lost and Found Two' ... I just got enough to do this lo because I wanted the yellow to go with my little girl's lion.....

The text reads: 
Your beloved Lion fell into the fire on a camping trip…. There were lots of tears (I think Mummy may have cried just a little more than you… maybe) …We thought there wouldn’t be much chance of saving him … UNTIL…. Nanny came to the rescue!! He went to the ‘hospital’ at Boonooroo and Nanny un-stuffed, washed, clipped, soaked and cleaned him and spent hours patching him back up! She waited until we came for a visit so you could help her sew the last pieces together (including a gorgeous little love heart on his hand). You said that it didn’t matter what he looked like, he is much better now because he has had so much love put into him!

Thanks for stopping by! xox


  1. Ohh No NIn..poor R. and Lion.. :( so glad to hear that he's fixed up and much better..!!

    You've done an awesome job, a different layout for you.. You're braver than me... yellow is scarey to scrap with.. :)

  2. Seriously awesome, Anita!!! I honestly couldn't imagine a better looking layout for this memory! It' rules!!! I think you have aced this challenge! Hey I'm not a fan of monochromatic at all - I find it pretty difficult (I love my colours lol) but you have really done such a fabulous job, hey! WTG!!! You are on fire! Oops - I just realised about poor lion... lol - excuse the pun - it was actually unintentional but kinda funny at the same time! :D

  3. You rocked the monochromatic! Yellow is a hard colour to do.
    Love the story....brought a tear!
    Love the added heart. :)

  4. OMG WOW Anita, ADORE your LO.. the textures you have created are stunning and you rocked the monochromatic theme!! Thanks for sharing your LO with us at KIU :))

  5. Hi again! See I'm obsessed with your layout! It's awesome! Have a great one! xo

  6. Awwww, I am so glad Nanny came to the rescue. That is one special bear.


  7. oh my goodness your work is so inspiring!! Love the bright yellow and the texture paste!! Great work :))xx

  8. That is a great story to scrap!!! I love the way the lion turned out! The heart in the hand is a genius touch- she totally won granny of the year award as far as I'm concerned. BEAUTIFUL layout as well- the yellow pops perfectly on the kraft and I love the texture you added- did you use modeling paste and then paint over it? Fantastic work!

  9. This is just fabulous. The yellow is gorgeous and I love that you scrapped this subject. Something that will mean so much in years to come too. Fabulous page.

  10. Hi anita- thanks for swinging by my blog- YAY!
    Inspired by your fabulous yellow texture I went and bought some Goldn Light Molding Paste- it cost me 18 dollars american- about 16 Australian bucks- I think I used it wrong. Did I get the right product? It looks like whipped cream and it's very light but it didn't take the shape of the template I tried to create texture with- first I tried putting the paste over it but it smeared all over, then I tried putting the paste on the paper and using the template as a sort of stamp - didn't work either. Should I have waited till it hardened a little? Also do you use a tool to put it on your projects. Sorry for the long comment- thanks!

  11. I love what you did with the modeling paste and the paint!!! And the story is so cute!

  12. GEE! Gotta love the NANNA's in those world hay....
    Totally Awesome Layout Anita!!!!
    Loved reading the Journaling... & the Bright Yellow just FABBO.....
    Thanks HEAPS for Sharing with US over @ KIU!!!!!

  13. Just fabulous mono colours and love the texture ...thanks for playing at KIU