Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Another share....

Hi all - wow what a busy time of year.. things are really ramping up around here!
I'm back to share a canvas I created on my scrappin weekend .. Karen and I did one each and then gave them to each other... awww! It was so much fun and TOTALLY INSPIRED by the wonderful tutorial by the TOTALLY AMAZING Stacey Young ....

Here is the one I created for Karen...

And here is the one Karen created for ME!! TOTALLY LOVE IT!!

And here is US holding our new canvasses!!! What a super weekend!!

Well we are off on holidays on Sunday so lots to do before then.... may be my last post for a little while... hope you all have a FANTASTIC Easter!! xoxoxo


  1. Both creations are fabulous...looks like you two had fun!
    Enjoy your holiday Anita :)

  2. Love both of them, and love the colour combo

  3. Ohhhhh Anita, these are so awesome, I love them!!!! What a lovely gift to give to each other! So happy that you shared these with me, really made my day:):) Love the colours and your misting is fantastic. Thanks so much for taking inspiration from my work!
    Have a great Easter break too and have fun camping xo

  4. Wow!!! This is brilliant, Anita!!! LOVE those colours! Awesome artwork!

  5. Gorgeous canvas sweets!

    I've tagged you in a game of tag. If you have time to play along please head over to my blog and check out your questions:


  6. Hi Anita, your work is beautiful. I have started up a page on facebook called Scrap with us Scrappin Group. The aim is for people to share their great work, so if you would like to share some beautiful layouts, please feel free. Thanks Sharon